The weather was starting to get warmer, and Rachel and Mark and myself decided it was finally time to visit the beautiful Castle Hill on Crane Estate in Essex, MA to document their engagement with some special portraits of the two of them. In the early morning of a Monday we had the place just for ourselves. I personally love Castle Hill anyway, but I feel it was such a good location for Rachel and Mark. I had come to know that they are far more interested in the humanities and how life works, than in spending lots of time online or social media. Crane Estate, with its vastness and old building construction, wonderfully reflects and accommodates this. And as our engagement session went on, they were able to express their love for each other more and more in front of the camera while they were discovering the beauty and new renovations of this classic venue. Additionally, Rachel had expressed her concern for not being photogenic during our first consulation meeting for their wedding, but I have to say I cannot confirm this whatsoever! Find out for yourself in the images below. Click here to see the video slideshow of their highlights. Enjoy!