As a professional wedding and portrait photographer it is my goal and task to create beautiful images that enrich people's lives. Any photograph I make is unique. In particular because they capture fleeting moments and emotions. We all love looking back at images from the past as they help us to relive those moments and connect with the people that matter most to us.

Today we not only have amazing cameras and software that allow us to create stunning portraits, we also have a growing number of exquisite art work products that these photos can be transformed into.

When you see an article or anything that has both text and images in it, even if it's just one, don't you feel attracted by the image(s) first? That's the power photographs have! And wouldn't you agree that printed images, in any form, standout from the countless numbers of photos we have on our hard drives and smartphones in this digital age? There are just waaaay too many, they will all lose relevance at some point and will be forgotten. Not only that, but maybe all you received from your photographer after your wedding or a family portrait session was a disc with digital files on it. What do you do with them currently? How do you access them on a regular basis? How much do they impact your life in this way? How much joy do they bring you? What if that CD gets lost, or your hard drive crashes?

We have seen floppy discs come and go. We are experiencing the disappearance of CDs and DVDs right now. Stop and consider for a moment that very soon you won't be able to view your wedding images on your disc anymore! Some of the newest computers don't even have a regular USB-port anymore! This is to be taken seriously. Digital mediums come and go.

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me how valuable and important tangible photo products are. Heirloom albums, canvases, framed prints and many other forms of art work not only allow you to experience and access your precious images in the absolute best way, but also your children and their children. One day that's all they'll have to cherish when it comes to viewing images of their dearest family members and loved ones.

Being a full service photographer I believe in offering my clients the best and long lasting solutions, so they can actually enjoy their portraits and images in the form of high-quality art work that will beautify their homes and lives on a daily basis.

Below you can see an example of a heirloom album from a wedding in Rockport, MA. It's 12x12", lay flat and flush mount, with thick pages. You can choose from different cover materials and colors, embossed with your personal information. A very high-quality feel. Guaranteed wow-factor!