Frequently Asked Questions

For Weddings

Why should we book you?

There are many things that can be photographed. Photographing people and especially a couple on their wedding day requires that you enjoy working with people. And that I do. Creating stunning images for a couple to love and enjoy for many years to come is obviously my goal. More than that, however, creating a rapport and really connecting with you is my priority. I want to get to know the people I photograph and through this, I believe, you will not only love your images but also the experience of working with me on your wedding day.

In addition to photographing your wedding, I also sit down with my couples to carefully work out the timeline and look at how much time the different stages of the day will require for photos, when to start, where to go, when the best light is, when the sun sets, how creating your photos relates to the other aspects of the day and so on. No other vendor will be with you that day as much as the photographer, unless you hire an independent wedding planner (which also could be a really good idea). Every single time I sit down with them, my couples express a strong sense of relief and security after creating the timeline together. Let me help you get to this point as well!

I am married myself. This day takes place only once. I understand the immense importance of your wedding day, and that in the future your wedding photos (and your album) will be the main representation of your special day. And also the only way for your kids and theirs to relate to it. 

We want to book you. What’s the next step?

I appreciate that you feel my work and approach are the right fit for documenting your wedding and creating gorgeous images that you'll be able to cherish for a loooong time. 

Please contact me by filling out my contact form, sending me an email or just calling me. 

If I am available for your wedding date, I'd love to invite you to my studio space in Gloucester so we can get to know each other a bit and talk about your needs and ideas. If that's not possible (maybe you live out of state), an online meetup would be the next best thing. In either way, getting to know my couples is crucial to me. I believe that a good vibe with each other is fundamental to create great photos.

That initial meeting is important for beginning to visualize your wedding day and see how many hours of coverage you need, if one or two photographers are recommended, if you want engagement photos and number of other points. I'd like to bring my expertise to the table and offer guidance.

If based on our meeting you feel we would form a great team, I would create a contract that you can go over and sign electronically. To secure the date for both parties, I ask for 1/3 of a retainer of the final amount. The remaining balance would be paid three weeks before the wedding date.

How far in advance should we book you?

Ideally, as soon as you book your venue, you will want to secure your photographer. One year in advance would be best, but it's never too late to inquire...

Are you insured? 

Yes. I have liability insurance for any bodily or property damage caused by us. If required, I present a Certificate of Liability to the venue prior to the wedding day. I have a one million dollar liability package.

Regardless of who you hire, make sure they are fully insured! Otherwise the photographer may not be allowed to photograph at your venue. Surely not something you want to learn about the day of.

What's your style?

Hmmm. Have you looked at my portfolio? Do you like what you see? That's what matters, right? Ok, I would describe my style as modern and creative, a bit artsy if you want. I like to keep photography interesting, if you know what I mean. Approximately 10% of my wedding images will be in black and white. My couples entrust me with making these artistic decisions. This is in terms of how my images looks.

The way I photograph a wedding is considered to be mainly photojournalistic. That means for the most part my task is to document the day as it takes place and create candid moments of whatever happens. At times and during certain stages of the day, I will become more directive and creative in terms of finding the best backgrounds, light and 'poses'. For example during the 'Creative Portraits' part. I love the diversity that the combination of these both approaches offers.

I mainly use available natural light for my work, but if needed or if I feel there is a good reason for it, I have a bunch of flashes that lighten up any place and any face. And during the reception part I work with a combination of flashes mounted to my camera and flashes set up on stands in corners for additional light and cool effects. 

How do we get our images after the wedding?

Within four weeks after your wedding, all selected and hand-edited images will be uploaded to an online gallery. Based on the different parts and aspects of the day, the images will be accessible via different sections that are all part of your gallery. The gallery can be used to share your photos with guests, family and friends, but you will also have the option to easily download all of them with one click! 

By keeping the access and download options digital only (and not e.g. offering them on a USB-drive), no taxes would need to be added to your service fees (in Massachusetts)! 

Your images will include rights for personal printing and usage.


How many images can we expect from our wedding?

The answer to this question depends on how many hours of coverage will be provided, if there will be 1 or 2 photographers, if there is driving involved between locations and so on.

Typically 8 hours of coverage by 2 photographers result in 700-8o0 images. 6 hours by just me would be 375-450. All these images are the final selected and hand-edited photos. 

Can we get an album?

You bet. When it comes to creating an album with the highlights from your wedding day, I am very passionate about it. I truly feel that all of your investments and efforts for your big day will be preserved in a wedding album, and for many years to come. Not just for yourselves but also for future generations. Hey, that would be your first family heirloom! Check out this blog post of mine about the beauty and importance of wedding albums. 

Parent albums (identical copies in a smaller form) and an album from your Engagement Session are available too. 

And, in my studio space a variety of different artwork options is hanging on my walls. Bring these special photos to life!

Do you have backup gear? 

I always carry two camera bodies with me, not only for flexibility (I am ready to photograph with two different lenses at any point), but also in the rare event one camera should stop working. 

Any photo taken is always saved on two storage cards, in the unlikely case of one failing.

I also have a multitude of flashes.

Will you actually show up on our wedding day?

This, of course, shouldn't even be a question. It shouldn't be something that you need to worry about. While my colleagues are all great and reliable photographers, there are plenty of horror stories where a couple's wedding day passed undocumented, because a cheap/amateur photographer/'friend' was hired. I feel so sad for these people and I wish any couple with this experience would get a 2nd chance. I show up and you'll get your photos, just like it should be. Simple but not to be taken for granted. 

Do you work with a 2nd photographer?

Yes. I have a handful of established wedding photographers that I use to help me create different angels and capture as many special moments as possible. Depending on your package, a 2nd photographer may be included.

There are a few factors which make me recommend to book a 2nd photographer or maybe not.

If you are the only photographer, what happens if you can’t make it to the wedding?

Good question. Fortunately I am a member of an amazing network of photographers that are always willing to step in and help out. Unless I have a car accident on my way to the wedding and am not able to operate properly, I should be able to find another photographer to take over.

What about an Engagement Session?

I am a big fan of engagement photos. It is likely the first time you are professionally photographed as a couple, and it is a great way to get to know each other with you in front of the camera and me behind it.

It's like training for a game. You warm up and get skilled (aka you learn how to feel relaxed and have fun while being photographed), and by the time the wedding is there, having me around with a camera will be the most normal thing for you. It's also a good opportunity to see what works with you photographically and what to rather avoid. 

Oh, and you'd get awesome images of yourselves in nice but more casual clothing too! 


How far will you travel?

The majority of my weddings take place on the North Shore of Boston. However, I love traveling and am happy to cover your wedding basically anywhere (did anybody say Hawai'i?!). 

Do you have reviews to look at?

My business name reflects my goal, I want to make my couples and clients in general happy and give them joy. Check out some kind words here and here.

Pinterest boards?

Pinterest is awesome, I draw lots of inspiration from it. However, I caution you on trying to recreate a "Pinterest wedding." This is your big day, not someone else's. Rather than copying other photographers' ideas, I concentrate on capturing you the uniquely amazing moments only your wedding will have.

Can guests take photos?

Of course. As long as they don't interfere with my work and obstruct me from documenting your day, and as long as they are not another pro, whether hired through you or working for a vendor.

I always like to discuss the idea of an 'Unplugged Wedding' beforehand. This is about the guests keeping their cameras and smartphones down during the time of the ceremony.